5 Reasons Buying Local Rocks

We’re seeing an increase in interest in buying local, but is this trend here to stay?

Buying local isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice. When you spend your money locally, you’re stimulating your local economy, encouraging your community of makers, and making a statement about the kind of world you want to live in. This is not a trend, it’s a movement, and it’s not going anywhere.

5 Reasons Buying Local Rocks

  • Local is sustainable

There are many reasons for this. Lots of local makers source reused or reusable materials. Because these items are made with love, an incredible amount of thought goes into the design and creation of each piece. The throw-away culture of large-scale mass-produced items is missed. Not to mention if you have an issue with a product, you may be able to have the maker fix it for you instead of throwing it away.

  • Local is secure

When you buy local, you’re buying in your own community. You’re not at the mercy of international borders and policies. When you have a question or concern, there is an actual human in your community who is invested in making sure everything about your buying experience is exceptional.

  • Local builds culture

A real person does a happy dance when you spend your money locally! By choosing local, you’re encouraging a member of your community to continue expressing themselves and living their creative dream. Makers share their history, experiences and passions through their work, and when you buy their products you get a piece of that.

  • Local is natural

It’s not surprising that natural products are healthier for us, nature does know best. But we often overlook the other obvious part to that story: sourcing chemically engineered products can be challenging. Local makers know what their customers want: small-batch, natural products; and they deliver.

  • Local is quality

When someone’s heart and soul is going into a product, they aren’t designing the item to be disposable. The love and care that goes into each product means that product is designed to last. This is better for the environment, better for you the buyer, and better for our makers knowing that their products will be loved and cherished for as long as possible.

Now those are just 5 reasons buying local is a great choice. Everyone who chooses to support local vendors has their own reasons, but we can all feel good knowing we’re supporting the dreams of our neighbours.


Thanks for choosing local, you’re the best!