Arbutus Coast

5-in-1 Survival Bracelet 


Be prepared for anything. 


Paracord Bracelet, designed for survival in the outdoors, and comfortable enough for everyday use. 


Paracord Bracelet designed for survival in the outdoors and everyday comfort. This versatile tool is handcrafted in Canada and made of only the finest materials. 


Included in this Survival Tool: 


Flint fire starter 



Cutting Tool 

9-10 ft of 550 pound parachute cord 


Instructions for Use: 


Contains between 9-10 feet of 550-pound parachute cord. If needed, turn the bracelet upside down, look for the melted end, and pick or cut apart to open and unravel. The flint has a coat of paint, so a few strikes with the non-beveled edge of the metal striker (located on the other end of the buckle) while bracing the flint with your finger, use a downward motion to get sparks. 

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