Chayle Marie

Acrylic on Canvas "Home" by Chayle Marie


The pitch-black abyss of space. Vibrant planets turn on their axes, rotating around an unseen star. Through the dark, a light is shining.  


This piece will make you feel something. The beauty of art is that the interpretation is completely up to the viewer. 


Will you feel at ‘Home’ here? Will you feel lonely? Will this piece remind you of your place in an infinitely expansive universe? And if so, how does that make you feel? 


We hope that however you feel looking at this piece, it inspires your soul. 


Size: 30” by 40” 


Wired, lacquered and ready to hang. 


About the Aritst 


Chayle Marie is committed to bringing positivity and excellence to everything she creates. Inspired by the urban graffiti scene, her art has movement, style, edge and fun. Her pieces are available as wearable art, and we are pleased to offer original paintings in her collection with Isla Collective. 

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