Isla Collective

Aromatic Cedar Flute C4#


Tuned to C4#

With lacewood 'whale' totem and maple mouth piece. Wipe-on poly finish.

This handcrafted flute is handmade on beautiful Vancouver Island. 5 soulful, simple notes produce a sound that is absolutely mesmerizing.

These flutes are tuned into keys that create a unique and haunting tone. Each flute is as unique as an individual personality. To own one of these flutes is to own a piece of Vancouver Island. While all the flutes are tuned to play, these pieces are just as beautiful displayed as art.

Haunted Coast Flutes are an Island Lore, said to be inspired by the spiritual reactions people have among the burial caves that dot the shores of the Islands on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

While each flute is uniquely made, custom orders are welcome. Please contact us to discuss your vision.

*Special measures are taken to ensure proper sanitation. Flutes are tuned, sanitized with tea tree oil, then sanitized with UV light, known to kill viruses.

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