Robbie Stroud - Artist

Blue Sky Mountain Lake Reflection in British Columbia Oil on Canvas


Titled “Blue Sky Mountain Lake Reflection in British Columbia” by Vancouver Island artist Robbie Stroud.

What an introspective experience it is, being in nature. You feel quite small, and yet a part of something greater and bigger than just yourself. Humans are, after all, one of Mother Nature’s creatures and it’s natural to feel a connection with Her Earth.

This piece delves into that sentiment so beautifully.

Mountains jut out into the blue skyline; in the foreground, we see a calm body of water. In the water is a little island. A small tree pokes out from the left, and a log from the right. In the mirror-like water, the scene is reflected in stunning detail.

Measures 16” x 20”

Painted with quality landscape oils, on 1.5” thick wood-framed canvas, professionally stapled. Finished with gloss varnish which guards against UV damage, dust, and light scratches. This piece is designed to last, bringing memories for generations to come.

Wrapped black edges create a pleasing, updated look.

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