Mystic Homes

Cat Sentinel


The stunning pieces from Mystic Homes are created from centuries-old Cedar Shakes, salvaged from the Old Growth forests of Vancouver Island. Inspired by the unique personality of the wood, no two homes are similar, and each tells its own story. 


Travel back in time with these incredible pieces, adorned with antique jewellery, serving pieces and accessories. 



The glass windows are sourced right here on Vancouver Island and chosen with care for each individual home. No detail is left unexplored. 


Important details about this unique piece: 


Titled ‘Cat Sentinel’ this piece is the largest, and its wood is by far the oldest. The inspiration of this piece goes back almost a millennium 

Made of old growth cedar shakes that are believed to be easily 900 years old. 


Adorned with vintage brass pieces, pewter hinges salvaged from antique serving pieces, and a pewter cat guarding the front door. 



The lower façade is birch bark from Nova Scotia. This piece features the history of Canada from coast-to-coast. 


Atop the chimney is a stream of contorted willow ‘smoke’. 


Features ‘Dragon’s Claw’ wood gnarls. These pieces of unique wood are found in the rivers of Quadra Island. The one-of-a-kind, twisted shapes are forged by the currents of the water.  


Inside is an LED light strand with battery pack complete with light timer. This piece is stunning on a dark evening, aglow. 


Measures approximately 4 feet 2 inches high. 


Although this piece would look stunning in a natural, outdoor setting, it is not recommended to keep this piece outside in inclement weather. 


Due to the delicate nature of this unique piece, please allow extra time for crating to ensure your new Mystic Home arrives in perfect condition. 

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