Heather Goldminc Studios

Cowichan Lavender Fields


Lavender fields are feast for the senses; the stunning purples, the sensuous fragrance, the sound of the bees pollinating the fields. Cowichan is home to incredible lavender farms. Our very own Provence right here on Vancouver Island.

Piece measures approximately 15” body, 20” wing span

Piece is made of wood.


About the Artist

Heather Goldminc is one of North America’s most collected clay artists. While her commercial success as an artist is undeniable, it is her passion for creating that defines her collection. New pieces come out of her studio in Lantzville, Vancouver Island whenever inspiration hits. It is this consistent creative flow that allows her collections to grow, evolve and pivot. For anyone who owns a piece of her work, they truly own a piece of her creative process as a designer, artist, and maker.

As part of the Heather Goldminc experience, her pieces are full of ‘Easter Eggs’, little hidden gems in her work that will keep her pieces fresh and exciting for years to come. Her whimsical style often features woodland creatures, a nod to her West Coast roots. Her holiday collections are favourites for any household, a must-have at Christmas time. These pieces also make excellent wedding gifts.

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