Etchythings and Accents

Hand-Stamped Washable Paper Bags


Derived from plant-materials. These eco-friendly bags are easy to wash and able to be used again and again. 


Includes a hand-stamped message to keep a positive mindset. A great alternative to disposable and plastic storage solutions. 


Includes a special, feel-good message under the brim. Hand-stamped by local artisan.


Perfect gift for the eco-friendly person on your list. 


Available in your choice of size: XS, S or M 


Sizing Guide: 

3 inch XSmall Paper Bags Ideal for:   


Succulent Plant * 

Stationery / Craft Supplies Bag 

Pet Treat Bag 

Loose Change/ Keys  

Your Face Mask 

Small Paper Bags Ideal for holding: 

Up to 4 inch pots (seedlings) * 

Small Pet Accessories (leash, bow ties, bandanas) 

Stationery /Craft supplies 

Phone Charger 


Medium Paper Bags Ideal for: 

Up to 6 inch pot (very snug) * 

Yarn Bag 

Your Favourite Toque 

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