Harbour City Infinity

Lotus Toque


These stunning hats are ready for pre-order for the holiday season.


This pattern is inspired by the lotus flower. The lotus is the symbol of rebirth and resilience; the perfect symbol for 2020. 


The pattern for these toques was created by Vancouver Island artisan, with inspiration from the Snowplow Beanie by xovee.knits and the Chia Pi Beanie by hapa threads. 


Made with 100% natural, breathable and biodegradable Peruvian wool.  


Pre-ordering now, toques are taking approximately 2 weeks to make. 


Your choice of 7 beautiful colours, and your choice of 8 different poms. 


One size fits most. 


Handwash only, lay flat to dry. Remove faux fur pom-pom before washing. 

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