Natural Ammolite

Oval Ammolite Ring


Ammolite Ring

Stunning colour on this ammolite stone. Set on a sterling silver ring. Charming oval stone measures approximately 1.75 cm. 


About the Stone:  

Ammolite is an opalescent gemstone with incredible colour and reflective properties.  

The colours in this stone range from vibrant blues and greens, to fiery reds, golds and royal purples.   

The colours dance and change and appear to almost glow.  


Holding one of these stones, you are holding a mineralized-fossil that is 70 million years old.   

While Ammonite fossils can be found all over the world, gemstone-quality Ammolite is only found on the native lands of the Kainai, Pikuni and Siksika people in what is now commonly referred to as Southern Alberta. The Siksika (Blackfoot) people named this gemstone ‘Iniskim’, meaning ‘Buffalo-Calling Stone’.   

The reason for this comes from the lore that the Iniskim stone was used to summon buffalo during a particularly difficult winter. After this, the stone was known to bring good fortune.   

Fast-forward to the 1990’s and masters of Feng Shui (an ancient Chinese practice) also identified the powers of the Iniskim/Ammolite gemstone. Believed to be able to balance and restore Chi and the powers of the Chakras.   

It goes without saying, that there is something very special about this stone that goes deeper than pure aesthetic beauty.   

Identified as an official gemstone in 1981.   

The Chakras   

Ammolite contains the colours of the first 7 Chakras. The fossil itself is in the shape of a spiral, resulting in increased energy flow and good Chi.   

Chakra Colours and Meanings:   

Reds: Luck, growth, energy, love.   
Oranges: Creativity.   
Yellows: wealth.   
Greens: Growth, fertility, business wisdom and intellect.   
Blues: Peace, health   
Indigo: Peace   
Violet: Growth 

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