Robbie Stroud - Artist

Pacific Purple Flower Petal Macro 


Captured by Vancouver Island artist and photographer, Robbie Stroud. 


Printed on high-quality for richness and depth. 


12” x 18” 


About the Photographer 


Welcome to an insight into the mind’s eye of Vancouver Island Artist, Robbie Stroud. 


Through his camera lens, the viewer experiences a view of the world that is completely unique. If you are familiar with his art, you will know that nature and the lush colours of the Pacific West Coast are masterfully depicted in his oils on canvas. As a photographer, it is no surprise that Robbie Stroud continues to honour the colours and dynamic nature of the earth. 


Now we are pleased to present three pieces in his micro-photography collection. Any of his prints would be perfect for a nature lover, or someone looking to improve the ambiance of their living or work-space. 

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