Robbie Stroud - Artist

Salish Sea Coastal Tidal Pool Oil on Canvas


“Salish Sea Coastal Tidal Pool” by Vancouver Island artist Robbie Stroud.

Few experiences with nature are as fascinating as peering into a tidal pool. The mysteries of the deep are revealed, showing a glimpse into the great unknown.

This piece depicts a rocky shore, the sun is beaming, casting a gold and red glow in the sky. This vibrant sky is reflected in a tide pool; a piece of sea kelp sits beside the water, indicating that the tide has just recently receded. The creatures that are caught within the pool are hidden by the reflection of the dramatic sky. The pool is deep and dynamic, as if you would fall right in if you stepped too close.

The question is posed: what would you find in there if you were curious enough to lean in…?

Measures 16” x 20”

Painted with quality landscape oils, on 1.5” thick wood-framed canvas, professionally stapled. Finished with gloss varnish which guards against UV damage, dust, and light scratches. This piece is designed to last, bringing memories for generations to come.

Wrapped black edges create a pleasing, updated look.

Signed twice by Canadian artist Robbie Stroud.

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