Robbie Stroud - Artist

Sea-to-Sky Coastal Morning Sunrise Oil on Canvas


“Sea-to-Sky Coastal Morning Sunrise” by Vancouver Island artist Robbie Stroud.

Vancouver Island features an incredible natural setting for artists and lovers of art alike. This unique ecosystem is home to salt water, fresh water, churning rapids, thundering waterfalls, snowy mountain peaks, and lush rainforest. Come with us as we explore the ancient wonders of this beautiful place.

This piece will transport you to a Vancouver Island shore. Lush greenery and trees poke out from the rugged coastal-mountain terrain. The impressive mountains in the background serve to remind us that even when we go, Mother Earth remains in an ever shifting and balancing circle of life.

The sun is rising, it’s another cool Vancouver Island morning. What will the day bring? Will it be another West Coast adventure? You decide.

Measures 16” x 20”

Painted with quality landscape oils, on 1.5” thick wood-framed canvas, professionally stapled. Finished with gloss varnish which guards against UV damage, dust, and light scratches. This piece is designed to last, bringing memories for generations to come.

Wrapped black edges create a pleasing, updated look.

Signed twice by Canadian artist Robbie Stroud.

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