Chayle Marie

Acrylic on Canvas, "Snap Decision" by Chayle Marie


Titled ‘Snap Decision’ 


This energetic, dynamic piece by Vancouver Island artist Chayle Marie will bring an urban flare to any space. 


Inspired by the high-energy pace of urban living. The center silhouette and her confident, calm pose reminds us to take a moment and embrace the world around us. As the pieces around us move, so do we. Towards our destiny, towards our future, and towards our True Self. Nothing is stagnant. Embrace movement, change and growth. 


The title of this piece embraces the sure and confident style of the art. As if to say ‘make a move!’, this piece is telling you something... are you coming along for the ride? 


Size: 30" by 40"


Wired, lacquered and ready-to-hang.

About the Aritst 


Chayle Marie is committed to bringing positivity and excellence to everything she creates. Inspired by the urban graffiti scene, her art has movement, style, edge and fun. Her pieces are available as wearable art, and we are pleased to offer original paintings in her collection with Isla Collective. 

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