Supernatural Sombrio Beach




An hour and forty-five minutes west of Victoria, Sombrio Beach is situated along the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail and located in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. In the summer it is a popular spot to camp and throughout autumn, winter and spring, the beach is popular with surfers and hikers, and features a hidden waterfall on the western side of this beautiful beach.


About the Photographer: 


This artist is known for capturing stunning shots around Victoria and Vancouver Island. His incredible attention to light, alongside his eye for stillness and tranquility, create a sophisticated experience in dynamics. 


These tableaus demand viewer interaction; you will feel honoured as an observer when experiencing his art. 


This unique style of photography has resulted in an online following in Victoria and beyond.  


Own one of these incredible prints today and welcome a piece of adventure into your home. 


For custom sizing, please e-mail . 

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