One Naked Ewe

The Estuary


A bridge between the marine world and the fresh-water environment of the shore, an estuary has the best of both worlds. Lush and green, but influenced by the ever-changing tidal calendar, these spaces are incredibly unique. This piece draws its colours and movements from these special spaces. 


Approximately 48 inches by 12 inches. 


From the Artist: 


I draw my inspiration for my nuno felt pieces from the landscape of Vancouver Island. From the ebb and flow of the estuarial tide, to the deep, cool shade of the rainforest, up the mountain peaks and glacier fed lakes, through the vivid summer flowers in urban and rural gardens, each piece is one-of-a-kind and is made from the finest of merino wool, silk and cotton. Natural fibres for a soft-next-to-the-skin wear. 

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