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The meaningful - Handmade Sterling Silver Pendant with Moonstones


A magnificent sterling silver pendant set with dazzling moonstones. The circle starts and ends in itself, this pendant represents the unity, the absolute, perfection. It’s the symbol of the relationship between heaven and Earth and a symbol of protection.

Known as the bringer of tranquillity and infinite love, the Moonstone holds a strong sense of secrecy and mystery. It is considered a stone that bears truth from within. It was often worn as an amulet by travellers to give them protection in earlier times, especially when travelling at night. As a gift, it was favorited between lovers as a symbol of passion. 

This magical and enchanting stone illuminates the heart and soul.  With its strong ties to the moon, the moonstone cultivates an open heart and helps the wearer accept love and master self-love. The moonstone healing, nourishing and balancing powers will also protect from negative energies allowing for emotional, spiritual and physical stability.

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