Robbie Stroud - Artist

The Surprise Deer Encounter Oil on Canvas


Titled “The Surprise Deer Encounter” by Vancouver Island artist, Robbie Stroud.

On the far West Coast of British Columbia, you will find beautiful Vancouver Island. This place is truly remarkable. Pristine lakes, thundering waterfalls, lush rainforest, unforgiving mountain peaks. And of course, the beautiful creatures who call this island their home.

This piece is inspired by an interaction between the deer who is at home in her natural habitat, and a human. The scene is almost frozen, like a tableau. A moment in time between human and animal. Neither afraid, just curious. What has brought us here together in this moment? This piece will inspire imagination, peace, and serenity.

Featuring thoughtful West Coast details, this piece depicts a small deer, native to Vancouver Island, standing beside an Arbutus tree. Her ears are perked up, at any moment she could leap out of scene.

Measures 10” x 12”

Painted with quality landscape oils, on 1.5” thick wood-framed canvas, professionally stapled. Finished with gloss varnish which guards against UV damage, dust, and light scratches. This piece is designed to last, bringing memories for generations to come.

Wrapped black edges create a pleasing, updated look.

Signed twice by Canadian artist Robbie Stroud.

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